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IISL DoS study on Space Resource Mining

Does international space law either permit or prohibit the taking of resources in outer space and on celestial bodies, and how is this relevant for national actors? What is the context, and what are the contours and limits of this permission or prohibition? A background paper was prepared, written by various authors under the overall …

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IISL Position Paper on Space Resource Mining

The IISL has issued a position paper on space resource mining, adopted by consensus by the Board of Directors on 20 December 2015. IISL position paper on space resource mining

Further statement by the IISL Board of Directors on claims to lunar property rights

In view of recent misleading views and discussions on this subject in the press, the IISL Board considers that it is appropriate to further clarify a number of salient points as follows: International Law establishes a number of unambiguous principles, according to which the exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other …

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Statement by the IISL Board of Directors on claims to property rights regarding the Moon and other celestial bodies

Claims to own the Moon or parts thereof by private parties have been made for many years, but so far such claims have not been taken very seriously. However, this could change, as “deeds to lunar property” have started to appear, raising the opportunity for individuals to be misled. In addition, the scope of such …

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