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Executive Secretary

Prof.  Dr Diane Howard (United States/Canada)

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is one of the Officers upon the Board of the International Institute of Space Law.

Professor Dr Diane Howard is Assistant Professor in the Commercial Space Operations programme at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida USA. She is responsible for curriculum development and teaching space law and policy courses that are core to the programme.

Diane first became involved in space initiatives in 2004, participating in citizen lobbying efforts to facilitate the passing of the Commercial Space Law Amendments Act of 2004, a critical piece of US legislation that has made possible the development of innovative technologies and a burgeoning commercial space transportation industry.

Dr Howard has retained her interest in commercial space issues. After working as a staff attorney in the Florida Appellate courts for a number of years, she took the decision to specialise in space law and attended McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law.

Her LLM thesis centered upon private space law issues and her doctoral work focused upon effective spaceport regulation.

Diane participates in numerous legal projects, both domestically (within the US) and internationally. She works with COMSTAC Working Groups when invited. The US Department of State named her a subject matter expert to work in an Expert Group of the UN COPUOS STSC Long Term Sustainability of Space Activities Working Group, which recently concluded its work. Dr. Howard is legal lead for the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety Suborbital Safety (IAASS) Technical Committee, now finalising its guidelines.

She continues to publish her research and speaks at space conferences and events throughout the world. In addition to the IISL and the IAASS,

Diane is a member of the AIAA and the Florida Bar.

More information on Diane at  http://faculty.erau.edu/Diane.Howard