Report of the 2019 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition

Over 80 teams participated in the Lachs Moot 2019 competition.  Including students, coaches, memorial and oral judges, hundreds of people around the world participated in the 2019 competition.  National funding rounds were conducted in Iran and China, and a test round was held in Latin America.  The winners of the Regional competitions in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa traveled to Washington DC for the IAC and the World Finals.

The 2019 Lachs Moot International Finals were are a rousing success.  The semi-final rounds were held on Tuesday.  One round was between North America finalists from McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law in Canada and African finalists from University of Calabar, in Nigeria.  It was judged by Marco Ferrazzani, Ranjana Kaul and Les Tennen.  The African team prevailed.  The other round was between European finalists from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and the Asia-Pacific finalists from the National University of Singapore.  It was judged by Tanja Masson-Zwaan, David Koplow and Sumara Thompson-King.  The European team prevailed. 

The Final round between teams from Africa and Europe was held on Thursday at NASA Headquarters.  The NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine spoke to the audience for about 20 minutes and attended most of the oral arguments.  The panel of ICJ Judges included Judge Donoghue, Judge Tomka and Judge Gevorgian.  The Final was attended by about 200 including many VIPs.  After 60 minutes of probing questions by the judges, the European team from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia was declared the winner. 

Thereafter, the following key Awards were presented:  the Lee Love Award to the winning team from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia; the Eileen Galloway Award for Best Memorials to McGill University, Institute of Air & Space Law; and the Sterns and Tennen Award for Best Oralist to Ushie Augustine Eneji, from the University of Calabar in Nigeria.