IISL 60 Years Logo Competition – Winner Announced

The IISL is pleased to announce Katarina Eriksson as the winner of the competition to design a logo to celebrate our 60-year anniversary.
Katarina is a Swedish architect and graphic designer whose work focuses on space and science. She has a Masters in Architecture from Lund University and an MSc in Space Studies from the International Space University and runs her design company, Märka Design, out of Lund, Sweden.
We asked Katarina to share her inspiration for the logo. She designed it around the original IISL logo, incorporating it in the design, and using the same colours and starry sky theme. It represents both space and law in a clean and minimalistic style, using clear and visible text.
 The constellation Libra is subtly featured among the stars. This symbolizes law. The constellation Libra has long been associated with law, fairness and civility since the days of ancient Rome. It represents the scales held by Astraea, the goddess of justice, associated with Virgo in the Greek mythology. [https://bit.ly/39vXVni]
Katarina also designs tee shirts featuring space-related graphics which can be viewed at her website: http://www.markadesign.se