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Stephan Hobe

Prof. Dr Stephan Hobe (Germany)

current term: 2017-2020

Professor Stephan Hobe is currently Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law as well as Director at Law Centre of European Integration Cooperation, Cologne University. Moreover, he is Holder of the Chair for Public International Law, European Law, European and International Economic Law as well as Jean-Monnet Professor for the Law of European Integration.

In addition, Professor Hobe is the editor of the German Journal of Air and Space Law, ZLW; member of several scientific associations, namely: International Institute of Space Law, European Center for Space Law, special rapporteur and designated rapporteur of the space law committee of the International Law Association, heading the special working group on air and space law of the ILA German Branch, membre titulaire of Académie française de l’Air et de l’Espace and member of American Society of International Law as well as nominated by Germany as ICSID Arbitrator.

Throughout his professional career Professor Hobe is also author and editor of more than 300 books and articles in the field of Public International Law, European Law, German Public Law, Air and Space Law and Investment Law including “Einführung in das Völkerrecht” (Introduction to Public International Law), 9 th edition 2008 and “Europarecht” (European Law), 7th edition 2012.

He is editor of the German Journal of Air and Space Law (ZLW) and of the Series „Studies in Air and Space Law“; co-editor of the loose leaf collection „Space Law – Basic Legal Documents“. Co-editor of a Compendium on Air Law which was prepared in cooperation with Lufthansa, the “Kölner Kompendium des Luftrechts”, volume 1 appeared in spring 2008, volume 2 in May 2009 and volume 3 in January 2010. An English version entitled “Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe” has appeared in 2013. Also in preparation is a commentary on the existing international space legislation (outer space treaties and UN General Assembly resolutions) in 3 volumes, the “Cologne Commentary on Space Law”, in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Vol. 1 appeared in October 2009, Volume 2 in March 2013. Volume 3 in March 2015. Co-editor of the series “Studies on International Investment Law”.

Furthermore, Prof. Hobe is dedicated not only to teaching space law at Cologne University but also in Bulgaria, Poland, China, India and Africa. Within the scope of the Institute’s co-operation with the University of Pretoria Prof. Hobe was nominated as an extraordinary professor of this University. He is also Visiting Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology as well as Thousand-Talent- Professor of Xiamen University and in 2013 he was appointed Extraordinary Professor at University of Sofia, Bulgeria. In India these are the Universities of Jaipur, Gujarat and Bangalore where he is teaching air and space law.

Thanks to his wide network of international relationships, Prof. Hobe is an internationally acclaimed expert in air and space law.