2018 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court problem

The 2018 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Problem is published below. Please contact your regional organizer for more information, and expect registration details to follow the conclusion of the 2017 Competition at the end of September.

Lachs Moot Court Problem 2018 – Neapilia v Kalvion Final 9 Aug 2017
Lachs Moot Court Problem 2018 – Timeline of major events 9 August 2017

Neapilia v Kalvion

Synopsis of the Case

This case concerns activities in outer space carried out in parallel by 2 States, planetary protection and outer space security. It describes how one State’s (Neapilia) intervention on the environment of Mars, in order to create favorable conditions for human settlements, negatively affects another State’s (Kalvion) mining operations on the same planet. Kalvion seeks international support through recourse to international fora and to the United Nations. As these initiatives prove to be fruitless, Kalvion decides to undertake unilateral cyber actions in order to effectively protect its interests. Such intervention finally prevents Neapilia’s plans to create a hospitable environment on the Red Planet.

As it was not possible for Neapilia and Kalvion to resolve their dispute through amicable means, the case is brought before the International Court of Justice. The claims of the Parties refer to the lawfulness of their respective activities in outer space, under space law and international law, as well as to liability issues for damages mutually caused.