2008 Lachs Moot winners

The 2008 competition had over 50 teams participating across all three regions.

The world semi-final was held on 30 September between the University of New South Wales (Australia) and Georgetown University (United States). The world final was held on 2 October at the City Chambers, Glasgow, United Kingdom

The 2008 problem, Case Concerning the Continued Provision of Lifeline Satellite Services to Countries in the Face of Satellite Operator Insolvency (Concordia & Landia v Usurpia), was written by John Gantt and Maury Mechanick (United States).


University of New South Wales (Australia)
Madeleine Ellicott, Tamara Phillips and Katrina Taylor
Coached by Mr. Pouyan Afshar


University of Augsburg (Germany)
Christian Odehnal, Melanie Ortlieb and Maximilian Widmann
Coached by Ms. Sarah Schumann


Georgetown University (United States)
Robert Gajarsa and Jonathan Reisman
Coached by Prof. Paul Larsen

Best Memorials, Eilene Galloway Award

University of Augsburg (Germany)

Best Oralist, Sterns and Tennen Award

Madeleine Ellicott (University of New South Wales)

Members of the International Court of Justice judging the World Finals

Judge Abdul G. Koroma (Sierra Leone)
Judge Peter Tomka (Slovakia)
Prof. Francis Lyall (United Kingdom)

Semi-Final Judges

Prof. Stephan Hobe (Germany)
Mr S. R. Sridhara Murthi (India)
Prof. Maureen Williams (Argentina)


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