1993 Lachs Moot winners

1993 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition

After Judge Manfred Lachs, President of the IISL, passed away in January, it was decided that the competition would be named in his honour and memory.

For the first time, European law schools were invited to participate, with the University of Rome (Italy) and the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) accepting the challenge, meeting George Washington University in the world final.

The final was held on 21 October 1993 at the Castle of Graz University, Graz, Austria. Judge Gilbert Guillaume (France) was to preside over the final, but was prevented from doing so as a result of airline strikes.

The 1993 problem, Case Concerning the Commercial Exploitation of the Moon (Xavage v Adastra), dealt with commercial exploitation of the Moon and use of nuclear power sources in space.

Judge Manfred Lachs
(Poland, 1914-1993)


University of Leiden (Netherlands)
Ernst Boucher and Geoffrey van Leeuwen


George Washington University (United States)
Guy Christiansen, Eric Edmondson and Charles Hildebrandt

Judging the World Finals

Dr Nandasiri Jasentuliyana (Sri Lanka)
Prof. Dr. Nicholas Matte (Canada)
Prof. Francis Lyall (United Kingdom)


commercial exploitation of Moon, use of NPS

1993 Problem

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