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IISL Newsletter Member Announcement Guidelines

  1. The Member Highlights section of the IISL Newsletter is meant to inform membership of the professional achievements of their colleagues in the IISL. All contributions must be made in accordance with these guidelines.
  2. Only contributions made by members in good standing as defined in the Statutes of the IISL Art. III(5) will be accepted for publication.
  3. Contributions should be short (no longer than three sentences) announcements of specific professional achievements (such as a presentation, attainment of a new position, publication, etc.) related to space law. Contributions should announce professional achievements that will occur in the near future or have occurred in the recent past.
  4. Professional achievements include activities in which the IISL member has made a substantial contribution.
  5. Institutional members may make announcements of upcoming conferences that they are sponsoring These announcements will be made as standalone announcements in the Newsletter and added to the Events Calendar. Other contributions by Institutional Members will be included in the Members Highlights section].
  6. Please send full text of the contribution as well as relevant links to and use the subject line "Member Highlights". The IISL reserves the right to reject contributions not sent in the proper format.
  7. The IISL reserves the right to edit contributions for grammar, length, or inappropriate content.
  8. By submitting a contribution, the contributor warrants that they hold copyright to the text and grants IISL a non-revocable license to publish the announcement in the Newsletter as well as through other outreach mechanisms.
  9. These guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the IISL. Any questions should be addressed to

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