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The IISL Standing Committee

At the meeting of the IISL Board of Directors held at Brighton, United Kingdom, in October 1987, the Board decided to create a standing committee of the Institute to prepare and submit at each annual Colloquium a report on the status of agreements relating to activities in outer space.

Institute members who can contribute substantively to the work of the committee are invited to serve on it. Membership is open to any interested IISL member. The committee members help collect, review and verify data concerning selected space agreements. Agreements of general global applicability or regional applicability are selected for reporting. Bilateral agreements are not included in the report. In general, the agreements included in these reports, and their status, are believed to be valid as of the dates indicated in the respective reports.

2016 Standing Committee Report
2015 Standing Committee Report
2014 Standing Committee Report
2013 Standing Committee Report
2012 Standing Committee Report
2011 Standing Committee Report
2010 Standing Committee Report
2009 Standing Committee Report
2008 Standing Committee Report
2007 Standing Committee Report
2006 Standing Committee Report
2005 Standing Committee Report
2004 Standing Committee Report
2003 Standing Committee Report
2002 Standing Committee Report
2001 Standing Committee Report

Coded entries are used in the tables are as follows:

R = ratification, accession or succession
S = signature only
D = declaration of acceptance of rights and obligations

When no entry is made in a column opposite a state's name, that state has not signed that agreement, or is not a party to it, or that state has withdrawn from the agreement.

At the meeting of the IISL Board of Directors held at Paris, France, in April 1998, the Board decided that the report should also contain basic data concerning Declarations of Principles Relating to Activities in Outer Space adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Declaration of Principles Relating to Activities in Outer Space adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations

1. Declaration of Legal Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space (General Assembly resolution 1962(XVIII)). Adopted without vote on 13 December 1963.

2. Principles Governing the Use by States of Artificial Earth Satellites for International Direct Television Broadcasting (General Assembly resolution 37/92). Adopted by 107 votes to 13, with 13 abstentions, on 10 December 1982.

3. Principles Relating to Remote Sensing of the Earth from Outer Space (General Assembly resolution 41/65). Adopted without vote on 3 December 1986.

4. Principles Relevant to the Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space (General Assembly resolution 47/68). Adopted without vote on 14 December 1992.

5. Declaration on International Cooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space for the Benefit and in the Interests of All States, Taking into Particular Account the Needs of Developing Countries (General Assembly resolution 51/122). Adopted without vote on 13 December 1996.

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