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Zhenjun Zhang

zhangProf. Zhenjun Zhang (China)

current term: 2015-2018

Zhenjun Zhang is Secretary General/Research Fellow at the China Institute of Space Law.

His major achievements and responsibilities are:

Serving as Expert Group D member of UN COPUOS Working Group on Long Term Sustainability for Outer Space Activities since 2011.

Serving as Chinese Delegation member to the 49th and 50th Sessions of UNCOPUOS Science and Technology Subcommittee and to the 55th and 56th Sessions of UNCOPUOS in 2012 and 2013.

Serving as Chinese Delegation member to the Multilateral Consultations on European draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities initiated by European Union in 2013.

Promoting China’s space law capacity building by organizing and sponsoring 28 research projects nationwide in space law in the past three years in China; Serving as national organizer of many seminars and workshops on space law in China.

Promoting China’s national space legislation resolutely and continuously, which in 2012 led to a nationwide research project sponsored by China’s top legislature on national space legislation.

Publishing many papers on space law/policy and publishing in 2012 a monograph titled “Study on the International Legal Regime Governing Lunar Resource Exploitation Activities”; Serving as keynote speaker in many international academic seminars on space law and space policy.

Serving as national organizer for the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition in China, with record number of competing teams each year; Encouraging Chinese students to participate in Asia Pacific Regional Competition and sponsoring the national champion team in particular, with one Chinese team winning second place and one Chinese student winning Best Oralist in 2013, the best scores for Chinese teams so far.

Serving as Legal Advisor to the Local Organizing Committee of the 64th International Astronautical Conference (IAC) and as coordinator of the IISL-related events in particular.


Master of Laws (2006-2009), Renmin University of China

MBA (2000-2002), George Washington University, USA

Candidate for PhD in International Law and Economics (2013-),Beijing Institute of Technology, China